Flying Feet, founded by Hattie Worboys in 2014, is a production company that combines dance performance, filmmaking and visual art.

Dance is a fundamental means of human expression and communication common to all cultures and Flying Feet is dedicated to exploring the social benefits dance can have on the current state of the world. By staging experimental dance workshops, it places particular emphasis on socially inclusive projects in UK and abroad. These movement-based workshops focus on the power of dance to bring people together in urban environments. Each workshop is documented on film and subsequently played to a different group of participants in another country who can be inspired by their cultural similarities and differences, thereby creating a fruitful ongoing dialogue.

Flying Feet’s projects are characterised by the potent fusion of dance with moving image and sound and their mission is to bring performance and visual art beyond confines of institutions directly to the heart of international urban communities. They are committed to blurring the boundaries of film, performance, sound and visual art often using the medium of the workshop. With this in mind there is ever-growing tendency by major institutions like Tate Gallery, to recognise workshops as a vital form of interactive art practice engaging the participants to become integral with the artwork. Flying Feet’s creative activities range from dance workshops with children from Western and Third World urban communities, to animations exploring the visual and auditory symbiosis of thoughts and emotions. These are particularly concerned with aspects of perception and cognition, the nature of memory, the origins of thought and emotion and the instinctive way the brain reacts to sound, light and movement through it’s peripheral senses.


Portrait of Hattie Worboys, Artistic Director

Hattie Worboys, Artistic Director

Artistic Director

Hattie Worboys

Hattie Worboys is an artist and choreographer whose practice spans across movement, filmmaking, performance, sound-art and site-specific installation. She studied at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, London and trained at The Laban Centre of Movement and Dance, London. Her work has been presented at some major contemporary art venues, cinemas and festivals including the Venice Biennale of International Art, Picture House Cinemas and Jazz Fest, New Orleans.

Worboys has also performed as a dancer and choreographer in the UK, France, Belgium and Norway and participated in international festivals, residencies and events. These have ranged from being an Elephant rider in Santus Circus to her current work directing and developing the Movement of Freedom Project. She has collaborated numerous times with other artists using the expressive use of sound, light and film to produce large-scale, immersive dance performances.

Worboys has 20 years’ experience within dance and movement including 12 years of teaching dance. For the last 4 years, Hattie has been developing and directing Movement of Freedom, an international dance and cultural exchange program for children. She has built up experience and observations while she has taught many courses of creative dance workshops with the participating children living in extreme situations all over the world, along with filming sessions to record their self-created dances and sharing the dance videos between the different groups, connecting them through international Skype sessions.

Worboys has gained the trust and built good relationships with the partner organisations and more importantly, the children whom she has worked with. She is skilled at allowing the children to feel confident and inspired to enjoy exploring new techniques to expand their physical expression. The workshops are fun but also provide an opportunity for positive transformation. Hattie builds the confidence of the children in the workshops and enables them to feel comfortable in the film shoots where their personal dances are shot in their homes and neighbourhoods, producing some intimate and moving moments on film. Having experienced the joy of the children as they discover their ability to express themselves through dance and having witnessed some absolutely magical and beautiful moments, Worboys is committed to seeing how far this project can go in increasing the wellbeing of children and their communities around the world. Having produced the project, run all the workshops and directed all the shoots for the last 4 years, she has thought extensively about how to amend the aspects which could be better, the significance, the successes and the huge potential of the project.


Portrait of Anastasia Sakoilska, Project Manager / Coordinator

Anastasia Sakoilska, Project Manager / Coordinator

Project Manager / Coordinator

Anastasia Sakoilska

Anastasia Sakoilska is Deputy Director at The House of Fairy Tales, a national children’s educational arts charity that provides children with creative spaces to learn and play through the medium of story telling. Previously she has worked in events and pr management, with experience in the public sector and the creative industry. Her interests include performance art, contemporary dance and using artistic forms of expression to engage young people from all backgrounds in current events and world affairs.

Portrait of Anastasia Sakoilska, Project Manager / Coordinator

Anastasia Sakoilska, Project Manager / Coordinator


Editor and DoP, London

Jerome Redfarn

Deputy Editor, London

Tom Jeffries

Co-Founder and Co-Producer, New Orleans

Delaney Martin

DoP and Camera Operator, New Orleans

Paavo Hanninen

Dance workshop Assistant and Translator, New Orleans

Lucky Lou

DoP and Camera Operator, Rio

Alvaro Dominguez Ruiz

Dance workshop Assistant and Translator, Rio

Patricia Rivera

DoP and Camera Operator, Mumbai

Chetan Shinde


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